Saturday, March 15, 2014

A return to the Golden Age!

Quite a bit has happened since the last entry on this blog (and my plethora of other blogs).  I've shut a few down, got back to attending to RL ("real life") issues, but I did want to keep a small finger with blogging, specifically with Dieselpunk and Retro-era / Golden Age superheros.  Its a sadly neglected  genre, as many of the current superhero work is focused on modern heroes, which is understandable.  Still being able to look back within the prism of "super science", "super heroes", an impressive  conflict, and frankly wonderfully stereotyped "bad guys", I'd felt I'd add my own bit to it.  

As such, I'll be polishing up the blog, and getting things back into order, to reflect the fictional heroes and stores from the early 1930s to just after WW2 (when, I suppose, "Atomic Punk", or whatever type of genre its called takes place).  Until then, do check back - thanks!